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DHL Shipping for Lubbock

Mail & More’s DHL in Lubbock: For All DHL Shipping Needs

For Lubbock, TX residents looking for reliable and professional DHL shipping services, Mail & More is a standout choice. Mail & More is the go-to destination for all your DHL international shipping needs. We also care the designation as a DHL ServicePoint Partner! Not only do we offer the top-tier logistics solutions DHL is renowned for, but we do so with the personalized touch of the Mail & More family.

dhl-shipping van lubbock

Expertise in International Shipping

Customized Shipping Solutions

Mail & More offers an array of DHL shipping options tailored to various needs, whether it's for urgent documents that require next-day international delivery or more economical options for less time-sensitive parcels. Our staff's proficiency in understanding and navigating international shipping ensures that each package is matched with the most suitable DHL shipping solution.

Navigating Customs with Ease

The challenges of international shipping often lie in customs clearance. Mail & More's expertise extends to managing the details of customs documentation and regulations. Our knowledgeable team ensures your shipments comply with international laws, reducing the risk of delays or complications.

DHL Authorized Shipping Center

Mail & More is recognized as an authorized DHL shipping center, a testament to meeting DHL's stringent standards for shipping and customer service. This designation not only enables us to offer direct access to DHL's shipping and tracking systems but also assures customers of the quality and reliability of our services.


Services Offered by Mail & More’s DHL Lubbock

Express Shipping
Need a package to be somewhere ASAP? Mail & More provides swift express shipping services to ensure your parcel is where it needs to be, right when it’s expected.

International Shipping
No destination is too far. Leveraging DHL’s extensive global network, Mail & More ensures your international shipments reach any corner of the globe.

Custom Solutions for Businesses
Businesses with distinct shipping requirements can rely on Mail & More for customized logistics solutions.

Location Specifics
Mail & More’s DHL hub is conveniently situated at 3521 50th St Lubbock, TX 79413. For any queries, reach out directly at 806-796-1222. Plus, the drive-through window ensures customers get speedy service on-the-go.

Comparing DHL Lubbock with Other Couriers at Mail & More

DHL vs. FedEx
Mail & More doesn’t just rely on one carrier. Their collaboration with both UPS, FedEx and DHL ensures customers get varied and efficient shipping options.

With Mail & More integrating UPS shipping, customers have the luxury to choose the carrier that suits their needs best.

Combining traditional US postal service shipping with the might of DHL, Mail & More offers customers the best of both worlds.

DHL Servicepoint Partner
  • What is a Notary Public?
    A Notary Public is a trusted third party who verifies the identities of those signing a document and ensures that they’re doing so willingly.
  • Why do I need notary services?
    To prevent fraud and ensure the genuine execution of a document, a Notary Public verifies the signers’ identities and willingness to sign.
  • How do I use the Notary Public services at Mail & More?
    Simply visit their location at 3521 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79413, or give them a call at 806-796-1222 to schedule an appointment.
  • Do I need to bring identification for notarization?
    Yes, bringing a valid photo ID is essential for the notarization process to confirm your identity.
  • What other services does Mail & More offer?
    Mail & More offers a wide array of services, including shipping, faxing, copying, gift wrapping, packing, and more.
  • Are there any additional fees for the notary services?
    Fees can vary based on the nature and number of documents. It’s advisable to contact Mail & More directly for detailed pricing.
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