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Shipping  Services

At Mail & More we provide shipping and packing services. These service include shipping with DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS (post office). We sell stamps, rolls of stamps and books of stamps. We also can ship with any of these shipping carriers.  We keep most shipping supplies in stock and can get any shipping supplies you might need.  We have carrier branded boxes for UPS, FedEX, and USPS. We also have regular non branded boxes in many sizes. If you need custom boxes made or ordered we can get them for you. Our shipping services include envelope stuffing, package/box packing and label creation and printing. Our staff is trained on safe and proper packaging to keep your items safe.

Packaging Services: Volunteers Packing boxes

Shipping insurance

Unfortunately no shipping carrier is perfect and things get lost or damaged from time to time.  Insurance is a very low cost way to protect your items from damage.  Insuring any items of value can help you not have a bad day when something is damaged or lost.  Without insurance you are at the mercy of all the steps and people along the way and any bumps or mishaps might ruin your gifts and packages.  Consider buying insurance for all valuable shipments.

shipping solutions - ocean full of cargo ships

Packing Services

If your items are not packaged correctly they could be severely damaged or ruined.  At Mail & More we strive and train how proper packaging techniques.  We can double box and double pack fragile items.  We also offer shipping insurance for any unexpected or lost items.

Shipping insurance: always a good idea these days on anything you mail or ship
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