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Lubbock’s Best Mailbox Rental Services

Lubbock Mailbox Rentals

Lubbock Mail Box Rental (akin to a PO Box you'd rent from the Post Office) offers individuals and businesses an alternative to traditional mailing options. Whether you’re a Lubbock local looking for added security or a business owner wanting to present a more professional image, renting a PO Box in Lubbock has undeniable benefits.

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Why Renting a Mailbox in Lubbock is Beneficial

Security and Privacy Benefits

Since 2021, a consumer survey reports that 11% of Americans had at least one package stolen from their home in the prior year, and 64% had a package stolen at 2 times in that year. With Mail & More's PO Boxes, gone are the days when your personal mail gets misplaced or stolen. With a PO Box Rental, your mail remains safe, protected under lock and key. Plus, you maintain your privacy by not sharing your residential address.

Flexibility and Convenience

Get 24/7 access to your mail. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, your mail is always available at your convenience. No more rearranging schedules to receive packages!  All of our physical box renters get 24/7 access to your mailbox. Come rain or shine, your mail is accessible. This round-the-clock feature means you’ll never miss an important delivery.

Professional Appearance for Businesses

Businesses can establish a credible image by having a set address in Lubbock. It can also serve as a central point for all business correspondences, ensuring no vital documents are overlooked.

Features of Mail & More's Mailbox Rental Services

Notification Services

Stay informed about incoming packages or important letters with the notification services. You’ll be alerted once your mail arrives.

Mail Forwarding Options

Traveling or moving? No worries. Choose the mail forwarding option to have your mail sent to any address, ensuring you’re always connected. Better yet, try our virtual mailbox / po box service - it might just change your life forever!

Signing Contract for a po box is simple

Cost Structure and Pricing

Monthly Rental Fees

The cost-effective monthly fees make it an attractive option for both individuals and businesses.

Yearly Packages and Discounts

Save more by opting for yearly rental packages. Plus, enjoy seasonal discounts and special offers.

Comparing Lubbock PO Box Rental with Traditional Mailboxes

Accessibility Differences

Traditional mailboxes limit your access, while Lubbock PO Box Rental offers 24/7 availability.

Security Measures

Traditional options might expose your mail to theft. With a PO Box, your mail is secure behind locked doors.

Cost Effectiveness

When you factor in security, accessibility, and additional features, the cost of a PO Box in Lubbock offers superior value for money.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Needs

Personal Use Size Recommendations

For individuals or families, a small to medium-sized box is often sufficient.

Business Use Size Recommendations

Businesses might require larger sizes to accommodate higher mail volumes, especially if they receive parcels frequently.

How to Rent a PO Box in Lubbock: Step-by-Step Guide

Registration Process

Begin by visiting our store for a physical Box.  Alternatively you can get a Virtual box and select Mail & More for your location by visiting 

Verification and Identification

Submit the required identification documents for verification.

Picking Up Your Key

Once verified, collect your key and start receiving mail!

Drive-Thru Service: A Unique Feature

Besides the traditional PO Box services, enjoy the convenience of a drive-thru window, perfect for those on-the-go moments.  No need to exit your car to pick up your mail.  Mail & More is the ONLY shipping store in Lubbock that allows you to get your mail without even exiting your vehicle.

Lubbock PO Box Rental for Businesses

Establishing a Business Address

Set up a permanent business address, enhancing your brand’s credibility.

Mail Collection and Distribution for Employees

Streamline your company’s mail distribution process, ensuring timely deliveries to all staff members.

Staying Organized with Mail Management

With a dedicated mailbox, businesses can efficiently sort and manage their mail, reducing the chances of misplaced documents.

Other Services include

Shipping with UPS, FedExDHL, and USPS

Lamination, gift wrapping, notary public, local gifts like local honey, greeting cards etc.

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