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Track your FedEx Package / Shipments

How to Track Your FedEx Package

Tracking your FedEx package is quick and simple with our online tracking tool. Follow these steps to find out the latest information on your shipment's journey.

Step 1: Locate Your Tracking Number

Your tracking number is a unique code assigned to your package. You can find this number on your shipping confirmation email, receipt, or packing slip. It typically consists of 12 or 15 digits without any letters.

Step 2: Enter Your Tracking Number

Using the form provided on this page, enter your FedEx tracking number in the input field labeled "Enter your tracking number:". Be sure to double-check the number for accuracy to ensure you receive the correct tracking information.

Step 3: Track Your Package

After entering your tracking number, click the "Track Package" button. This will redirect you to the official FedEx tracking page where you will see the detailed progress of your shipment.

Understanding Your Tracking Information

Once on the FedEx tracking page, you will see a detailed timeline of your package's journey, including:

  • Pickup Date: The date your package was picked up by FedEx.

  • In Transit: Current status updates as your package moves through various FedEx facilities.

  • Estimated Delivery: The projected date and time your package is expected to be delivered.


Need Additional Help?

If you encounter any issues or if your package is not tracking correctly, you can directly contact FedEx Customer Service for assistance. Make sure to have your tracking number handy for faster service.


Tips for Effective Tracking

  • Save Your Tracking Number: Keep your tracking number in a safe place so you can easily access it until your package is delivered.

  • Regular Updates: Check the tracking status regularly, especially as the estimated delivery date approaches.

  • Notifications: Sign up for delivery notifications on the FedEx tracking page to receive updates via email or SMS.


Use our tracking tool above to stay updated on your FedEx shipment's status from departure to delivery!

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